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The Ricoh Company, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company. It was founded by the now-defunct commercial division of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Riken) known as the Riken Concern, on 6 February 1936 as Riken Sensitized Paper. Ricoh's headquarters are located in Ricoh Building in Chūō, Tokyo.

Ricoh Usa overbill their customer, employees are micromanaged and have a poor working environment, and only a few employees carry the team, an ex-employee claims at

Overbill clients, poor work environment, constant micromanagement. Too large of a corp to care about anything but money. A few employees always have to carry the team. Ricoh has a mission, vision, and values, however only viable when it works for management, always pointing management flaws at employees."


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Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"you do not get treated like a human here. at my location only one person was able to take a day off at once, i wanted to go home for christmas and because someone else already had those days off my boss told me sucks to be you, you’ll have to spend christmas alone. my boss also referred to us as “idiots” multiple times. the benefits are honestly mediocre and they do not care when you raise issues to HR which i did on multiple occasions."

Current Employee - Mail Clerk says

"disorganized management, 0 company culture"

Current Employee - On-Site Service Specialist says

"No communication between employer and employee."

Former Employee - Document Clerk says

"Low pay for job expectations. Poor management. Management puts there needs first before team."


"At Ricoh department at Gore Mutual Insurance Company in Cambridge: Rude manager, lack of training, overwhelming workload Lack of help while you are on training and later Poor training Unprofessional manager, having some anger issues"

Former Employee - Field Service Engineer says

"Overbill clients, poor work environment, constant micro management. To large of a corp to care about anything but money. a few employees always have to carry the team. Ricoh has a mission, vision, and values, however only viable when it works for management, always pointing management flaws at employees."

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"Upper management does not care about you unless you hit your numbers. They give you driving territories and dont pay for mileage, wear and tear, or anything."

Former Employee - Site Supervisor says

"All of Ricoh (e.g., pay is very, very low. Medical insurance is outrageously high (deductible) unattainable. Area Operations Managers (AOM) come and go. Three (3) managers in one year. No pay raises, stability. You are only an employee because of a contract for a specific site. If that site does an addendum to their contract, you have the possibility to lose your job. I saw it happened to, two (2) people where I am at. No career path. This job is only good for the paycheck to get you by until you can find something else quickly."

Former Employee - Sales says

"1980s Poor commision structure with low basic pay. Expect u to bring in sales and sack u if u can't hit. So what if we have hit with that few hundred dollar comm. Total joke. why can't the management do something different instead of pointing at sales man when the product itself is so hard to sell."

Former Employee - Workshop Engineer says

"Low Salary and Bad Management"

Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"I got in trouble for doing the right thing, retaliation is common. The pay is low. Just a bad work environment all around. The management is some of the worst I have ever seen. Nonethey will retaliate if you upset the apple cart"

Administrativa financeira e comercial (Former Employee) says

"Sem comentários muitas intrigas e vencimentos muito baixos"

Technology Support Associate/Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I came on with Ricoh in March of 2019. The job was very different from anything I've ever done before, but they were offering paid training, so I went for it. Things started off alright with my mentor, but after about a month, they considered me "ready" to go out on my own. Beforehand, my mentor would explain minimal things to me, but not enough to where I was ready to go out on my own, but that's what management wanted. Of course, I found myself having to call and ask for help from my mentor, but his answer was always "look in the manual". So most of this job ended up being a self-teaching/learning, trial-by-error experience. Eventually, I started to pick it up, but at that point was when I started noticing certain things with the company. For example, how ridiculous it is to give customers the power of "escalating" service calls. Most of the time, customers would escalate a call AFTER you already looked at their machine and told them when a part would be arriving for it. They would escalate it because they wanted the part to arrive faster than the expected time, and of course, upper management then gets on the technician's back and that goes against their productivity rating. And to make matters worse, RICOH started laying people off (like me, and even people that have faithfully worked for them for 38+ years) because of this pandemic. In other words, they said "let's screw them before they screw us" and expect us to be fine with it. Then they started drowning the remaining technicians with more service calls than one person could handle. It's a shame too because I reallyIndependentPoor training, unfair treatment, poor upper management...the list goes on"

Field Service Representative (FSR) says

"Ricoh was a company that did not encourage growth within the company. No incentives and the management was not supportive. Its unfortunate because there are great employees that I worked with and I felt as though they are very under appreciated."

Field Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"The job structure of this company is lacking in many ways. The management does not care about a person's well being or any opportunities that an employee wants to take within the company. It is decent pay but it is not worth the time and effort when the job duties are not clearly laid out and there is lack of communication at every location. Definitely not worth the headache and you will get written up for everysmall incident."

Site Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company 3 years, broke 2 bones on my neck because they kept getting rid of people and making me do their work for FREE, they lost the contract and they laid me off hurt and told me if I get a job with the company that got rid of them, they won't pay me severance, they messed up and want to take me down with them, their raises are like .15 cents an hour every yearNonecheap, bad management, no respect for their employees."

Field Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Turnover has increased substantially in recent years and management has shifted from taking care of customers to micromanaging employees to produce pet metrics. The company fails to negotiate contracts that allow them to stay profitable and then uses up their employees hoping to make their profit off of internal savings and productivity. They will use up your physical health and use up your vehicle and replace you as soon as they think they can get someone younger and healthier to repeat the process. The company used to take pride in empowering employees to service the customers. Now we are told to not talk about things that are impeding us from providing the service our customers deserve.Most sites work a day shift and don't work weekends.Can't take your time off because they don't staff enough employees to cover."

Business Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This was one of the worst companies I ever worked for. Management sucks no structure in how things are done if they don’t like the way you do a job they have a issue with you. People that are the favorites make mistakes and it’s cover up because they have a family member who works for the company. They blame it on other workers and fire them. They also love to micro manage your work. The environment is very hostile to work. They also promote a person not because they deserve it because they are friends with management. Sent from my iPhoneGood insurancePoor raise 3 cents to 10 cents a year"

garbage (Former Employee) says

"Disgusting staff who have no care for their customers. Terrible work ethic.. They would often laugh and congradulate eachother on the poor service they provided.garbage"

Ejecutivo de Ventas Jr (Former Employee) says

"Nada recomendable trabajar en una empresa con inestabilidad desde su Dirección."

Document Control Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I quit my job because I felt defeated by my boss!! Even when it went to his boss, he took his managers opinion. They both acted like they couldn’t understand why I walked off the job and that was because there was NO respect given to their employees"

Strategic Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Racism and unfair policies. Incompetent managers. Churn and burn environment designed to push sales employees over the edge. Uncompensated overtime often asked. Some corporate bullying."

Site Manager III (Former Employee) says

"Was hired as a Site Mgr into the most abusive, hostile work environments. From day one, some of my staff set a plan to get me fired. These people abused Ricoh, Western Union and their coworkers. Had to quit as I was getting ZERO support from my management. Human Resources knew all about the abuse and hostility and all these people still work at Ricoh. All of them should be ashamed of themselves. Yelling, swearing, threatening coworkers with box cutters, racial remarks. I was setup by Management who knew all this was going on but failed to mention it. Ricoh boasts about their ethics but letting people get away with abuse and threats is the norm. The former Site Manager, the NOM, the sales team, the employees who were let to run wild and continue to do so at RPS, should all be fired. I am still traumatized by what was allowed there and still considering a law suit against all parties involved. Defamation, abuse, hostile environment... a can of worms to be uncovered by an attorney."

Site Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for 16 years and was stifled at every turn. Spent 3 years without a raise while watching Ricoh supported the state fair, televised Christmas gatherings and everything except its employees. The VP went on company trips and given private sushi lessons while we went without. They spent the customers money training their employees. One of the most unethical companies I have ever known."

Printer Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company work for, micro management., they track you even if you peed a lot.. I would not recommend Ricoh to anyone. This company plays such favortism to individuals that it's not fun to work there.Thank you for your feedback. While Ricoh operates at numerous locations, we are committed to providing every employee at each location a positive experience. We have many practices in place to ensure that employees are treated fairly and we have the resources and procedures in place to ensure that any reports of unfair treatment are investigated and managed promptly. We invite you to contact us at since your feedback is not consistent with our values and culture."

Document Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend Ricoh to anyone that is looking at expanding to higher roles in their career. The compensation is comical especially if you live in a major city. You are not being paid for the 1 hour lunch; meaning if you work from 9-5, your shift isn't finished until 6. Managers are not managers. They are sales people that only care about the site contracts. Micromanaging seems to be the thing at Ricoh. You are always being reminded to be a "yes man" to keep your job secured and the clients happy. Training is non existent from higher ups. You are thrown into a pool with sharks and expected to do everything correctly. New employees are trained by other employees TIP: If you are a current employee with Ricoh, ask your site manager for a raise. Show him/her what you need to make in order to get by in your city. Bet they won't even come close to what you are seeking nor would they try to put in the effort Another TIP: Managers get a bonus every month depending on work load employees push out. YES, the very same manager that you report to, gets a bonus for all the hard work you do. Let that sink in. Overall: Not worth itColleagues feel the same way you doTo many to listThank you for taking the time to express your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you did not feel supported within your role at Ricoh. While Ricoh operates at numerous locations, we are committed to providing every employee at each location with a positive experience.At Ricoh, we truly care about the growth and development of all our employees and aim to continuously evaluate our training practices to support this. We support professional and personal growth by creating a path to career opportunities across the organization and developing learning programs, like the Ricoh Learning Institute, LinkedIn Learning and individual development plans for all employees. With regards to compensation, we conduct regular analysis of the external market and strive to ensure that we remain competitive in terms of compensation, benefits and other reward-based programs. We invite employees to reach out to their managers as well as their HR consultants if they would like to discuss their compensation further. Your comment about monthly bonuses for managers is not consistent with our practices.We believe that having a supportive manager and team fosters a successful workplace. We actively promote a team environment and open communication at all levels of the company. We encourage you to please contact us at to share specifics about your experience as it is not consistent with the expectations of any employees here."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Ricoh will hire just about anybody because they can’t retain people. Some quality people come through the company but they usually find better opportunities quickly.Negative stressful environment"

Supervisor production floor (Former Employee) says

"Never had clear goals. The manager dates employees and smokes with employees too. He always pass off work. The director and manager should not be in those positions but the Division manager doesn't demote them. They are running the Toner side very badly. Japan have sent several people to run it now because the director has done a bad job. Place needs hope and change."

Ricoh senior engineer (Former Employee) says

"Best advice is to work for another company, they push people into a corner looking for a way to get rid of employees. Managers are told to crack down on as many engineers as possible."

Helpdesk 1 (Former Employee) says

"If you are female and single, you will succeed here. Supervisors and managers do not care for anything else. The training is poor. The environment is totally unprofessional. I arrived my first week and employees were wearing pajama pants and wave caps. I recommend this job for a recent college grad looking for their first experience but other than that, stay away! Try to make friends with your supervisor right away. They tend to have favorites and anytime you need a favor they will look out for you.None!Too many to list."